2 longtime Fox News commentators resign over Tucker Carlson Jan. 6 series

Oh, what will we do now?

Two Fox News contributors announced Sunday that they’ve resigned from the network in the wake of host Tucker Carlson’s special on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Why it matters: Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg had regularly appeared on Fox News since 2009. Their brand of conservatism has “fallen out of fashion” amid former President Trump’s grip on the Republican Party, per the New York Times, which first reported on the resignations.

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Driving the news: Hayes and Goldberg wrote in an article published by The Dispatch Sunday that Carlson’s three-part series on the insurrection, titled “Patriot Purge,” represented “a collection of incoherent conspiracy-mongering, riddled with factual inaccuracies, half-truths, deceptive imagery, and damning omissions.”

This included the false notion that the U.S. government was “targeting patriotic Americans in the same manner — and with the same tools — that it used to target al Qaeda,” they added on the site that they co-founded with Toby Stock.

“This is not happening. And we think it’s dangerous to pretend it is,” Hayes and Goldberg wrote. “If a person with such a platform shares such misinformation loud enough and long enough, there are Americans who will believe — and act upon — it.”

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