A Mistrial 10x over — Rittenhouse Attorneys: Prosecutors Knew Who ‘Jump Kick Man’ Was

Defense attorneys for 18-year-old defendant Kyle Rittenhouse told Fox News on Thursday that the mysterious “jump kick man” had been identified — and that prosecutors had known his identity all along, but had not brought him to testify.

“Jump kick man” was seen in video of the Kenosha riots on August 25, 2020, pursuing Rittenhouse and kicking him in the face as Rittenhouse attempted to flee to police and stumbled onto the ground. Rittenhouse fired his rifle twice at “jump kick man,” but missed.

One of the two charges of reckless endangerment that Rittenhouse now faces is a result of that altercation — one of five charges currently being considered by the jury — even though prosecutors never named the alleged victim.

Fox News reported that the man is named Maurice Freeland, and that he has a lengthy criminal record. According to Fox, citing defense attorneys, he told prosecutors he would testify in exchange for immunity, but they refused the deal.

…They also apparently withheld his name from the defense, preventing Rittenhouse’s attorneys from calling him as a witness. That could prompt the defense to file a new motion for a mistrial, in addition to the two that are already pending with the judge.


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