American Dollars Should Have No Part In China’s Forced Sterilizations

So that American taxpayers aren’t complicit in human rights abuses, the Biden administration should stop funding the United Nations Population Fund.

A Jamestown Foundation report found funds from the Chinese central government went towards funding sterilizations in Xinjiang, sufficient for almost 200,000 sterilizations. The UNFPA should not be partnering on “family planning” efforts with a government that brutally employs sterilization and abortion to commit genocide against a minority group. The fact that the UNFPA continues to do so is more than enough reason for the United States to halt all contributions.

In 2019, the UNFPA spent $624,204 in China on vaguely defined “integrated sexual and reproductive health services.” The UNFPA may not directly fund sterilizations and abortions in Xinjiang, but even if it doesn’t, their partnership with China’s National Health Commission allows it to divert other funds elsewhere. By partnering with the commission, the UNFPA also effectively endorses the work of an organization with ties to ongoing atrocities.

China is the world’s foremost perpetrator of coerced abortions and sterilizations.

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