At Long Last, A Covid Treatment the Left Might Not Denigrate

One of the most peculiar things about COVID in America is that the powers that be — in politics, media, and medicine — have been hostile to the possibility of treating COVID. Since the virus emerged, people have been told there’s nothing that can be done to treat COVID until they’re near death, at which point…there’s nothing that can be done to treat COVID. These same actors have hysterically opposed both the hydroxychloroquine cocktail and ivermectin. However, that resistance to early intervention may change now that Pfizer has a COVID-19 therapeutic antiviral protease inhibitor called PF-07321332.

PF-07321332 entered its phase two and three trials in August 2021. The treatment will be administered orally, although another version, called PF-07304814, is administered through an IV drip. According to Pfizer:

We believe that, if successful and authorized or approved, these investigational therapies could provide end-to-end treatment options for COVID-19 patients, including those exposed to the virus, those with diagnosed infections treated in the outpatient setting, and those hospitalized with moderate to severe infection.

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