Aussies Shoot Shelter Dogs to Keep Away Adopters who might spread COVID. No Really.

Australia’s intense COVID-19 restrictions has led to the shooting deaths of several dogs who were about to be rescued by a shelter – because a rural council didn’t want volunteers to travel to pick up the dogs.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Bourke Shire Council in Australia’s New South Wales interpreted the country’s COVID-19 restrictions in the harshest terms possible, killing the dogs “to prevent volunteers at a Cobar-based animal shelter from travelling to pick up the animals last week.” Australia is currently enforcing an extreme lockdown to combat the Delta variant. In Sydney, the country’s largest city, military personnel were called in to enforce lockdown measures.

“Residents there will be forced to wear masks outdoors and to stay within five km (three miles) of their homes. With even tighter restrictions set to begin on Friday, New South Wales Police said it had asked for 300 military personnel to help enforce lockdown orders,” Reuters reported in late July.

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