Australia Introduces ‘Freedom Pass” which they say is the Only Way to Get Your Freedom Back

If your freedom is not God given but granted by government, it can and will be taken away.

To be clear, this is different from the tracking app Australia is developing. The freedom pass is voluntary for people who … want their freedom back. The tracking app, the one that tracks when you leave your house and requires you to send selfies to the police, would be mandatory.

Let’s set aside the concept of a “freedom” pass — that they’re literally calling a freedom pass — being the only way to get your freedom back is batsh*t crazy. That’s the obvious problem and the reason all of you while reading this have both middle fingers in the air. The government took away Aussie freedom. They will only give citizens back their freedom via this “freedom” pass. But only providing citizens make the personal medical decision the government is demanding you make. Round up every last dick you can find, throw it in a sack, and swallow it whole with a vegemite chaser.

The more concerning thing is the sentence “we’re working with other governments now to get this technology ready.” This was said the day before it was announced Joe Biden is working with Australia on … other technology. Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, and all the other people who run Joe Biden have made it clear what their goal is. They want to control you. Australia isn’t a warning for them. It’s what they strive for.

Do we have you attention now?

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