Author of ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ accused of transphobia after tweet questioning erasure of ‘women’ from language

You can never be woke enough. Even Robespierre fell to the guillotine.

The author of the “Handmaid’s Tale” faced a backlash from liberal social media users after she posted an article pushing back against the erasure of women in favor of transgender activism.

Margaret Atwood has been celebrated by liberals who compared her dystopian novel to the pro-life movement and America under the Trump administration, but some are turning on her over one tweet.

Atwood posted a link to an article by columnist Rosie DiManno questioning the wisdom of “trans activism run amok” and cites various examples of the word “women” being awkwardly and bizarrely excised from history and modern language.

“Certainly there are words — they are slurs mostly — that are no longer acceptable. ‘Woman’ shouldn’t be one of them,” asserted DiManno. “The battleground of language has turned into a baffleground of agendas.”

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