Awesome – Brothers “re-gift” same box of treats to each other for more than 30 years

Two brothers in New Hampshire have been committed to a Christmas tradition for more than 30 years – passing back and forth the same box of sweets to each other.

It started when Ryan Wasson gave his sibling Eric a box of Santa’s Book of Candy fruit sweets in 1987, knowing his brother wouldn’t like them.

“I didn’t eat them and so the next year I thought, hey I think I’m going to give it back to him. He’ll never remember,” Eric said.

But Ryan did recognise the sweets the following year and so began their now customary exchange of the sweets.

Over the years the regifting has become more elaborate. The sweets have been frozen in a block of ice, put in jelly and even sewn into a teddy bear when being passed back and forth.

Their friends and family have also been drawn in and used in some of the exchanges, that even involved the sheriff’s department one year.

In 2007 Ryan persuaded the County Sheriff’s Deputy Tom Riley to help deliver the gift. Pic: AP
Last year the sweets were presented to Ryan on a silver platter at a restaurant.