Being John Malkovich — Actor Tossed from Venice Hotel for Expired Vaccine Passport

U.S. actor and director John Malkovich was turned away from a top Venice hotel over a lapsed coronavirus vaccine passport last week, Italian media reported Wednesday.

The Hotel Danieli, which overlooks Venice’s Grand Canal, denied entry to the 68-year-old Hollywood star and he was reportedly forced to stay at a nearby private residence.

According to the most recent decrees from the Italian government, which change on a daily basis, only those who show proof of full vaccination or recovery from the coronavirus can access public spaces like hotels, restaurants, bars and theaters, as well as public transport.

Until recently, one could obtain the coveted “Green Pass” by showing a negative coronavirus test, but in an effort to pressure all citizens into getting vaccinated, that option has been eliminated.

As of January 10, a new “Super Green Pass” is also required on all forms of public transportation — local, regional and national — which includes planes, trains, ships, buses, trams, and subways.

In a curious irony, possession of the Super Green Pass is no longer sufficient.