Breaking: New Ivermectin Study Lowered Mortality and Hospitalizations of Covid Patients.

This may be the only place you’ll see this news.

From 21232 subjects with COVID-19, 3266 were offered and agreed to participate in the ivermectin program and 17966 did not and were considered as controls. A total of 567 participants reported 819 adverse events (AEs); 3.13% discontinued ivermectin due to adverse. ICU admission was significantly lower in the ivermectin group compared to controls among participants ≥40 year-old (1.2% vs 2.0, odds ratio 0.608; p=0.024). Similarly, mortality was lower in the ivermectin group in the full group analysis (1.5% vs 2.1%, odds ratio 0.720; p=0.029), as well as in subjects ≥ 40 year- old (2.7% vs 4.1%, odds ratio 0,655; p=0.005).

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