CA bill could allow 12 to 17-year-olds to get vaccinated without parental consent

Co-parenting with the government.

A California lawmaker introduced a new bill on Thursday that would allow children 12 and up to be vaccinated without parental consent.

Right now, states like Alabama allow this at age 14, Oregon at 15, and Rhode Island and South Carolina at age 16. Only Washington, D.C. has a lower limit at age 11.

“Allow our teenagers to protect their health against COVID or other serious diseases,” said State Senator Scott Weiner, (D) San Francisco.

Senate Bill 866 aims to allow children and teens between 12 and 17-years-old to get vaccinated without a parent’s consent as long as the vaccine has been approved by the FDA and CDC.

“We have heard from teens who have been unable to continue working because their employer requires vaccinations,” Weiner said. “We have heard from teens who have not been able to play sports because their sports team requires vaccinations.”

But some parents are against the idea.

“Many parents don’t want to co-parent with the state or with politicians,” said Melissa Clark.

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