Canada too quick to treat gender dysphoria in minors with hormones, surgery: critics

This is horrible child abuse. First, the schools are intentionally confusing children about gender and when they admit to confusion we’re wheeling them into operating rooms.

Other countries have taken a step back and the critics’ concerns are unexpectedly being shared by some leading figures in the transgender medical world itself.

Mary’s troubled daughter had talked about her changing sexual identity before, but when she announced at age 16 that she was a transgender boy, it seemed to come out of the blue.

Even so, a doctor later wrote her a prescription for testosterone after a pair of 15-minute appointments, the mother says. Within months, the teenager had also had a double mastectomy. She was now a trans male.

But Mary says her child’s long-standing depression and anxiety only worsened. And last year the young woman made a stunning admission to her mother: even as she was being wheeled into the operating room to have her breasts removed, she was having doubts about her decision.

Now the 21-year-old is “detransitioning,” reverting to her original female identity. And Mary is part of a nascent movement calling for brakes to be placed on a health-care system geared to affirming a young person’s transgender feelings with drugs and surgery, allegedly in some instances after little assessment of other psychological issues.

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