Catholic Students Sue Catholic School For Refusing To Grant Religious Exemptions To COVID Vax Mandate

A group of students is suing their Catholic Jesuit university for refusing to grant religious exemptions to the school’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

On September 8, four students filed a lawsuit against Creighton University claiming that the school violates students’ religious freedoms by refusing to provide a religious exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine. The lawsuit specifically charges Creighton with “arbitrary and disparate treatment of students and violations of religious freedom.”

According to a press release from the students’ legal representation, the school set a September 7 deadline for students to file proof of vaccination. The mandate applies to all Creighton students, even those who exclusively attend online classes. The school announced that anyone who refused to present proof of vaccination by the September 7 deadline would be “administratively withdrawn from the school.”

The university initially issued religious waivers for students when the vaccines were under Emergency Use Authorization, though the religious exemption was removed after the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine received full FDA approval on August 23. Creighton informed students that they must get the COVID-19 vaccine, submit a medical exemption, or withdraw from the university.

On September 8, students who had not filed proof of vaccination began receiving notification from the university, advising them that their school account had been placed on hold. Some students were informed that they cannot attend classes until they upload their vaccination records.

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