Christians, Stop Selling Other Christians Out To Get Pagan Elites’ Approval

Conservative Christians were right. Again.

Among the latest examples is a New York Times story admitting that the trans kids craze is hurting children. Readers who rely on the Times were presumably surprised to learn that, as Abigail Shrier summarized on Twitter, “teens requesting cross-sex hormones” are “vulnerable to peer influence,” subject to “irreversible fertility loss,” and “may be in emotional distress.” They also “may de-transition.”

These truths were obvious even as academia, the corporate media, Big Tech, Big Business, and the Democratic Party went all-in on transitioning kids. It was conservative Christians, joined by a few nonconformist allies such as Shrier, who challenged this ruling class orthodoxy and for it faced brutal social and professional retaliation.

Now, after thousands of children have been harmed, our herd-like elites are starting to admit we might have had a point. We have not won yet, but this shows our defeat is not inevitable. Christians should learn from this as we navigate public life and proclaim the gospel in an increasingly hostile nation.

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