CNN analyst urges Biden administration to tie vaccinations to Americans’ ‘freedoms’

‘If everything is reopened, what’s the carrot going to be?’

CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen warned the Biden administration that they have a very “narrow window” for inoculating as many people as they can to COVID-19 as states begin lifting coronavirus restrictions, urging that messaging should tie vaccinations to Americans’ “freedoms.”

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What are the details?
Wen, the former president of Planned Parenthood, joined CNN host Chris Cuomo during a March 10 interview and emphasized the importance of making it “clear” to anyone apprehensive about taking the vaccine “that the vaccine is the ticket to pre-pandemic life.”

“The window to do that is really narrowing,” Wen continued. “You were mentioning, Chris, about how all these states are reopening. They’re reopening at 100%. And we have a very narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination status.”

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