CNN Panics About Dropping Masks for Vaccinated: ‘It’s Very Scary!’

Fear is the new normal.

“Bash agreed and thought it was strange that Biden, who had been “incredibly cautious,” suddenly changed course:

Very worried, especially given how incredibly cautious this president and his team have been. Not only with how they are communicating all of these guidelines up until now, but even how they act, you know, personally. We know, we’ve watched the president be in situations like when he addressed Congress where he was in a place with largely vaccinated people, very careful to wear a mask.
She then declared that people, even vaccinated people, who want to continue to wear masks have good reasons.

And it is — look, it’s scary. It’s very scary because as hard as it was for us all as a society to socialize to being distanced and being home, it’s just as difficult, maybe even more difficult to come out of that for a lot of people.”

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