Colorado prosecutor asks court to review insane 110-year prison term after truckers revolt

A Colorado District Attorney is requesting the court to reconsider the lengthy sentence recently delivered to a truck driver convicted of killing four and injuring numerous others after a brake failure, following outcry from the trucking community and a petitioned signed by millions.

“First Judicial District Attorney Alexis King filed a motion Tuesday for a court to set a hearing to review the sentence of Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos,” Fox News reported.

“As Colorado law required the imposition of the sentence in this case, the law also permits the Court to reconsider its sentence in an exceptional case involving unusual and extenuating circumstances,” the motion states. “This would allow for the conditions to be met for a modification of the defendant’s sentence as was discussed by the People in the initial sentencing hearing,” it continues.

“The purpose for the People’s expedited request is so that the named victims in the case, as well as their families, have an opportunity to be heard by the trial court who is fully aware of the facts of the case,” the motion adds. “We have spoken to the living victims and the families of the deceased victims, and it is their specific desire to be heard on this modification, in this forum, as quickly as possible,” it states.

The motion comes just days after 26-year-old Cuban immigrant Aguilera-Mederos was handed a 110-year prison sentence for an April 2019 crash, in which investigators say he lost control of his semi-truck on Interstate 70 near Denver after the truck’s brakes failed. Aguilera-Mederos was traveling at around 85 mph before slamming into dozens of stopped cars, resulting in a fiery explosion.

Prosecutors for the case argued that Aguilera-Mederos could have used several ramps to slow his truck, avoiding the accident.