Democrats Plot Nuking the Filibuster to Take Charge of Voting Laws Throughout Country

Our entire voting system depends on one man -Joe Manchin.

So they’re shelving the bolshevikization of the economy, but will instead “aggressively” focus on the bolshevikization of elections instead.

I hope — pray, really — that Republicans have forty-one votes to filibuster that nightmare. But who knows what the “reasonable” Republicans might decide to in the service of Collegiality.

And I have to tell you: I think the “rules change” discussed here is a suspension of the filibuster rule for a vote on a federal takeover of state election laws.

BIG NEWS: Schumer is likely to push a vote on the Build Back Better plan until next year, according to four sources familiar with the leaders’ plans. w/

He doesn’t have the votes as Manchin remains noncommittal

Schumer is still holding out hope for action on voting rights this year, multiple sources tell us. They are hoping for agreement on a rules change between four moderates who have been meeting — Tester, Kaine, King and Manchin

A spokesman to Schumer, however, says they are “still trying to do both.”

All four of those people are Democrats — well, except for King, a Maine “Independent” who caucuses with Democrats.

So they’re not huddling with Republicans working on a compromise.

No, they’re scheming about a “rule change,” with only Democrats involved.

What could that be other than a nuclear option vote on the filibuster?

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