Dr. Zelenko Protocols for America – Live Like you Were Dying

Must read of the day.

Zev speaks of his cancer as though it is a gift given to him by God. Having been first diagnosed four years ago, well before the pandemic, his having to confront his own inescapable mortality prepared him for what was coming in two ways according to him. First, it taught him the need to experiment and try new things as he found himself doing in seeking out new treatments for his particular type of cancer. As he puts it, “if there’s no answer, go find one.”

Second, staring death in the eye leads him to say, “When you think you are dying, and about to face God, you’re not afraid of any man.”

America as originally conceived by our Founding Fathers and as built over time by the genius and sweaty shirts of its citizens is facing a very serious diagnosis. It is time for Americans who want to live free before they die to decide how they want to spend their time. It’s time for you to decide. You could go sky diving.

Or, perhaps, you could channel your inner Doctor Vladimir Zelenko and simply start telling the truth. Call our enemies what they are and confront them with all the required candor and resolve. America’s seemingly terminal illness might well be brought into remission, but not without being aggressively treated with truth and activism.

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