Dusty in here — High School Cross-Country Runner Gifts Winning Medal to Blind Athlete Who Loves to Run

A high school cross-country running star has gone viral for an act of spontaneous generosity. After breaking the course record at a running meet in Orono, Maine, she promptly gifted her gold medal to a blind runner from a competing school in recognition of his commitment to their shared love.

Sophomore Ruth White of Orono High School told Noah Carver of Washington Academy how proud she was of him after the run.

Amazingly, nobody knew the kind act had taken place until running coach Cindy Moore-Rossi uploaded the heartwarming photos to Facebook the day after the Annual Orono Red Riot Championship Race at Orono High School on Oct. 9.

“We all were talking and laughing when this fine young lady walked up to [Noah] and stood before him with no fanfare, no special attention,” Cindy wrote on a Facebook post that has since been deleted. Cindy, who has coached cross-country running at Machias Memorial High School for 25 years and Jonesport Beals High School for 12, had her camera in hand as Ruth’s act of kindness unfolded.

“That young lady took her medal off and placed it over Noah’s head. She told him how proud she was of him and she wanted him to have her record course breaking medal,” Cindy said.

Noah’s father and sighted guide, Richard Buzz Carver, his mother and his coach, Suzanne Carver, along with coach Carol Smith watched in amazement while Cindy recalls having tears dripping from her eyes.

Meanwhile, Noah, who has been blind since birth, and running alongside his father since the age of 5, was blown away by Ruth’s gesture.


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