Euggyppius: This Is How We Get Out of This

We must break out of the awful hygiene prison our societies have become. The problem, is how. I can’t figure out a way through the towering cement grey uninteresting stupidity of the bureaucrats. I can’t see how to change their direction or fix their vileness. And I will tell you another thing: While I am astounded by and immensely grateful for the response I have had here, by the many readers I have gained, by your interest in my ideas, and even by the volume of people who regard my views with hostility—in my own head, I have a very small hammer, and I am assaulting a massive stone fortress. I know a lot of other people are doing the same thing, but it can be hard to see them sometimes.

This is a post on how we might get out of this, and the first point is simple: However dark things look right now, we will get out of this. That is non-negotiable. You should never do their work for them by despairing of an end. It is supposed to seem hopeless. They manage the seeming of things, much more than the reality of them, and they work very hard to portray all resistance as futile. Probably more messaging resources go into casting the containment regime as invulnerable and undeterred, than anything else. This is important to them precisely because they’re not invulnerable.


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