Francis of Rome & the Novus Ordo Inquisition

Wouldn’t it be great if Pope Francis were to issue a motu proprio against the universal scourge of predator priests? He was quick to fire one off against priests who offer the Latin Mass. But not so fast when it comes to the pedophiles and pederasts. I wonder why not…

Wouldn’t it be great if Cardinal Blase Cupich were leading a crusade against the collapse of law and order in the city of Chicago right now, where the moral authority of the Catholic Church is obviously in the toilet?

Instead, he’s waging a little holy war against Catholics who like the old Latin Mass. I wonder why. Surely, there are bigger fish to fry in the midst of rising moral chaos and a massive clerical sex scandal.

Traditional Catholics are expected to “pray and obey” (well, at least OBEY) even after their shepherds spent years covering for predator priests who prey on children and young men? And now we’re to sit down and shut up when those same “shepherds” decide it’s time to cancel our thriving parishes, schools, and seminaries?

They prey and we obey? I don’t think so!

And this while pro-abort/pro-gay-marriage “Catholics” soldier on with little to no repercussions at all. You want a rainbow ‘mass’ with clowns and a condom tree in the sanctuary? Sure! Have at it, cuz that’s unifying!

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