Garcetti: LA Employees Not Vaxed By Dec. 18 ‘Should Be Prepared’ To Lose Jobs

LOS ANGELES—Mayor Eric Garcetti said Oct. 20 that any city employee who refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by Dec. 18 “should be prepared to lose their job.”

The deadline was initially Wednesday for Los Angeles’ mandate that all city employees be vaccinated. However, under a proposal submitted Tuesday by the city administrative officer, pending city council approval, workers would have until Dec. 18 to show proof of vaccination.

As of Wednesday morning, a date had not yet been set for the city council to officially approve the plan, according to Council President Nury Martinez’s office, but Garcetti released a statement Wednesday morning saying employees had until Dec. 18 to be vaccinated.

“The city’s employee vaccine mandate is critical to protecting the health and safety of our workforce and the Angelenos we serve,” the mayor said. “Employees must be vaccinated by December 18, and we are putting a rigorous testing program into place in the meantime. Let me be clear: Any employee who refuses to be vaccinated by this date should be prepared to lose their job.”

Until Dec. 18, according to the proposal, unvaccinated employees would have to submit to two COVID-19 tests per week, and $65 per test would be deducted from their paychecks.

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