Good — Missouri Judge Loses Bid for Immunity for Jailing ‘America’s Got Talent’ Kids

This story was outrageous. The Judge should be in jail.

In July of 2021, Bart Rockett filed a lawsuit against Missouri family court judge Eric Eighmy on behalf of his children, Kadan and Brooklyn, who appeared on America’s Got Talent. The shocking allegations detailed two instances where Eighmy allegedly jailed the children in order to intimidate them and force them to obey his orders to give up show business and live with their mother.

Eighmy’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss and claimed absolute immunity, which protects judges from lawsuits if they are acting in a judicial capacity. These immunity laws are highly controversial and the bar to overcoming them is extremely high. But the Rockett children are going to get their day in court to face Eighmy and hold him accountable for what they say was the most traumatic event of their lives.

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