Gotta Cut Footloose! DC mayor bans dancing and standing at weddings and receptions

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) has declared that no people will be permitted to dance at city weddings due to COVID-19 restrictions.POLL: What scares you the most?

The latest order caps both indoor and outdoor weddings at just 25% capacity, and any celebrations involving more than 250 people require waivers.

The outlet noted that the announcement was made just as wedding season kicked off.

Stephanie Sadowski, a D.C.-area wedding planner, told the outlet that the move is “insane.”

“It’s been an absolute rollercoaster,” she said, and noted that couples are quickly opting to move their weddings outside the city. “They want to have a party. Planning their wedding, they’ve made concessions along the way, they’ve reduced, reduced, and reduced their guest count in Washington, D.C.”

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