Head of Maryland county schools suggests students will be required to wear masks until ‘COVID no longer exists’

The leader of a Maryland county school district indicated that students will be required to wear masks on school grounds and in classrooms until “COVID no longer exists.”

“I have not been thinking about a maskless classroom,” Prince George’s County Public Schools’ CEO Monica Goldson said in Capitol Heights, WTOP reported. “The only classroom I’ve been thinking about is one where teaching and learning takes places from the time the kids walk in until the time they leave.”

“The only off-ramp I want is the one where COVID no longer exists,” Goldson said. “I don’t think that that off-ramp will exist. I think this is how our life will be … and we’re showing that we’re adaptable and we can make whatever necessary changes so that we can keep our students learning and safe.”

Students in the county returned to the classroom for the first time this year on Jan. 18. The school district abruptly decided in December to return to virtual learning for the first two weeks of January due to the omicron variant.

Goldson made her position on masks clear, despite acknowledging successes in the school district’s testing initiative and increased vaccination rates among students