Hilarious! 7-Eleven Takes Big Gulp of Humility After Ham-Handed Hanukkah Message

Yesterday, the national convenience store chain 7-Eleven sent out a “Happy Hanukkah” email featuring a special meal deal.

Guess what the Hanukkah offer was. No, seriously, guess.

Whatever you guessed, it was probably wrong. Because here’s what they actually sent:

Yes, 7-Eleven invited those celebrating Hanukkah to “sink your teeth into the new BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Roller. Stuffed with cheese and bacon, this hamburger roller might be our best one yet.”

This is the kind of thing that makes me grateful to Al Gore for inventing the internet. As you probably know, bacon is kind of a non-starter for our Jewish friends. And I’m wondering if that cheese is kosher. I’m betting on not.


I can imagine the poor Twitter dude who was in charge of 7-Eleven’s email campaigns having to run into his boss’ office and explain what just happened.

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