Human beings aren’t clownfish

Here’s a primer:

Human beings can’t change sex.

Need more?

Okay, here goes.

Sex-based protections and divisions are important in some areas. For example, it is essential that women and girls be able to retain private spaces when they wish, especially for restrooms, changing areas, prisons, health care, education and prisons.

In addition, it is essential that reporting of sex in relation to certain areas be accurate and sex-based: scientific research, health care and crime, in particular.

Contemporary gender ideology says that “woman” or “man” is most accurately envisioned as “gender” – which is fluid and is not tied to one’s body. One is “assigned a sex at birth” which may or may not be accurate.

Therefore, if one feels one has been assigned incorrectly, one has the right to present and be treated as the “correct” gender and has the right to do whatever is necessary to make the outside match the inside.

The goal of gender activists is gender self-identification: the gender as you have a right to be treated is determined by your feelings. It is an internal reality – to be identified as a “woman” should require nothing more than a person’s assertion – no hormones, no surgery, not even any change in presentation.

This of course, ends up being twisted in logical knots since – well, if the gender you think you are doesn’t need to match your sex, then why bother to change your body so it aligns with your preferred sex?

Much of this used to be categorized under the mental illness of “gender dysphoria,” but in much of the West activists have been successful in reshaping the conversation in terms of “identity.”

Do you see the consequences?

Gender self-identity means that a person can declare themselves, legally and socially, any gender they like and no one has a right to question it, since it’s all in your head anyway.

This isn’t a fantasy.

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