Ice Cube forced from Sony film rather than get a COVID shot.

Red-pilling Ice Cube?

They’re coming for you next: Actor and rapper Icecube, who has throughout his career been linked to leftist and pro-black racial causes, has pulled out as one of the leads of a Sony film because he refuses to comply with the film company’s COVID shot mandate.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, which broke the story,

Ice Cube has departed Sony’s upcoming comedy, Oh Hell No, in which he would’ve co-starred with Jack Black, after declining a request from producers to get vaccinated, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

Apparently this decision has cost him a $9 million check.

The first link above notes this important point about Ice Cube:

Ice Cube has not commented publicly on the COVID vaccination. But before blue-checks call him a “COVID denier” or something, remember that Ice Cube advocated strongly for masking during the height of the pandemic.

Remember, you must agree with those in power in all things, no matter how nonsensical or arbitrary or irrational. No dissent will be allowed. Nor do they care if you have agreed with them in most things. You will get the jab, whether you like it or not, because they say so!

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