If you’re the wrong race, the push for health-care ‘equity’ could kill you

If you’re white and middle class, the push for health-care “equity” could kill you.

Prominent medical organizations and the Biden administration are pressing for rules that will move “disadvantaged” populations to the front of the line for scarce medical resources — think vaccines, ventilators, monoclonal antibody treatments. That means everyone else waits longer, in some cases too long.

If the public doesn’t push back soon, getting fair treatment in the hospital will become as hard as getting into college or getting hired on your own merits can be. 

Last week, The Post reported that the New York City Taskforce on Racial Inclusion & Equity prioritized the distribution of COVID-19 testing kits to 31 neighborhoods. Staten Island’s racially diverse North Shore got 13 testing sites while the mostly white South Shore got none.

The state Department of Health, meanwhile, announced that scarce monoclonal antibody treatments will be allocated to patients based on how many risk factors they have, which include age, vaccine status, medical conditions and — you got it — “nonwhite race or Hispanic/Latino ethnicity.”

If this outrage were happening only in New York, the remedies would be simple. Gothamites are already rid of Mayor Bill de Blasio, who saw virtually everything through a racial lens. But federal public-health officials and almost the entire academic medical establishment are pushing “reparations medicine.”

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