Illinois College Students Want Hate-Crime Culprit Expelled — Until They Find Out Who She Is

Take the recent Southern Illinois University Edwardsville incident, in which a black female student discovered sticky notes scrawled with racist messages on her dormitory door. A racist sent the student racist text messages and someone even sent racially insensitive death threats. Horrible.

The victim reported the incidents on Jan. 23, 2022. Students were in an uproar. The College Fix reports that students were unslakable in their thirst to expel and ruin the person or persons responsible. Protests ensued.

The Fix reported that the notes said “DIE BITCH” and “BLACK PEOPLE DON’T BELONG.” Evidence of a racist text message thread with the victim in the fall of 2021 were turned over to campus police.

Local news covered the student protests calling for the scalp of a “white female student” who was at that point the subject of an investigation. The head of the Black Student Union demanded she be kicked out before the results of the investigation were returned because “I feel like she shouldn’t be on campus period. Because you threatened to lynch students on this campus.” He predicted that the black student population at the school would dwindle because of this incident.

The entire SIU Edwardsville campus apparatus was deployed to mitigate the damage to the students’ psyches. Police, housing, the campus EEOC office, Title IX officials, and even the Secret Service immediately sprang into action to soothe students and punish the perpetrator.

The white student was cleared, and we now know who the perpetrator is, according to charging documents.

The perpetrator, it turns out, is also the victim.

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