Insanity–NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Mandates Weekly Coronavirus Testing for Students

No science is THE science.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) on Monday announced students will be subjected to weekly coronavirus testing, which he said will begin next week, on September 27.

“We will now go to weekly testing. We’ll be testing in elementary, middle, and high school each school every week,” de Blasio said Monday, announcing the updated protocols. “That will allow more kids to safely remain in the classrooms.”

He added that they are changing the quarantine approach as well. If there is a positive case in the classroom, unvaccinated children will no longer have to quarantine, as long as they were masked and maintaining a distance of three feet. Previously, such students had to quarantine for ten days.

“That will allow more kids to safely remain in the classroom,” the Democrat mayor said.

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