Insanity! Southwest reportedly kicks family off flight over fears that masked boy, 3, might remove his mask

Southwest Airlines reportedly booted a family with a disabled toddler off a flight — over fears the child would remove his face mask, which he was wearing at the time.

Caroline Scott, of Northglenn, Colorado, advised the airline about 3-year-old Orion’s sensory processing disorder before their flight to Florida on Friday, KDVR reported.

She also provided a note from Orion’s doctor and an occupational therapist amid fears that he might have trouble keeping the mask on for the whole flight to Fort Lauderdale, according to the outlet.

The family said the boy was buckled in his seat and had his mask on when a Southwest employee suddenly ordered them off the plane at the captain’s request.

“She said, ‘You have to get off the plane. The captain doesn’t feel comfortable with your family on it,’” Caroline said. “We were not de-boarded for behaviors, but pre-emptively in case he might take off his mask, and he’s also 3.”

NY Post

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