Is the Pope Dying? 2022 Conclave?

A Vatican source tells Newsmax’s John Gizzi that “Pope Francis is dying,”

  • One has to be very careful with big breaking news stories, and few are bigger than the (supposed) Pope dying. Therefore, we will tread carefully here, but tread we must.
  • Conservative journalist John Gizzi, formerly a writer for Human Events, is currently the chief political columnist and White House correspondent for Newsmax. Today, Dec. 7, he released the following report:
  • Gizzi writes that a “secretary of one of the most powerful Vatican Cardinals” told him straightfowardly: “Pope Francis is dying.” Furthermore, Gizzi asserts that sources inside the Vatican do not expect Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) to see the end of next year, 2022, and are in “pre-Conclave mode”.
  • Without more details, one can only speculate as to what exactly the situation is, but apparently Francis is said to be terminally ill and not expected to live another 13 months for that reason. A diagnosis has not been revealed or rumored, but colon cancer would be a possibility, considering Bergoglio’s colon surgery back in early July. At the time, some Vaticanists expressed concern that this surgery had not been announced days or weeks in advance, as would have been customary.
  • This past July 7, Luis Badilla Morales of the Francis-friendly and well-connected Italian Novus Ordo blog Il Sismografo reported that Francis’ condition was more serious than the Vatican was letting on. He wrote:

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