Is the Pope Resigning?!? From Il Sismografo: rumours of “probable resignation in the next few hours”. (Probably Not)

(edited by Editorial Staff “Il sismografo”) The question that has been circulating since late yesterday afternoon, when images of a film were releasedin which Pope Francis is seen in a wheelchair receiving greetings from almost all the people (and many of their relatives) hospitalized in the different single rooms on the tenth floor of the Gemelli Polyclinic, concerns this chair. In the video, numerous health personnel are also seen next to the Pope along the corridor while Francis appears serene, happy and grateful to everyone.
It is known that the Pope has been walking with a certain fragility for many years and this is obviously accentuated with his convalescence but he is able to move independently for short distances after the recent digestive surgery.
What happened yesterday is explained simply because those 150 steps or so, from the room to the balcony and from the balcony to the room, could have been a risky moment for an involuntary fall and not exactly appropriate in the current circumstances. Therefore, using the wheelchair, the necessary precautions were taken to minimize this possibility. (…)
Meanwhile, rumors are coming from Gemelli about the likely resignation of the Pope in the next few hours.

** Note, this might be a bad translation. Might mean resigning from the hospital.

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