Jen Psaki Says They’re Pressing to Get Kids Vaccinated, Too, With ‘Strike Forces’

She was asked if there was a target for herd immunity and if so, what that number would be. “What is that goal number?” the reporter asked. A pretty good question actually. Psaki’s response was horrible.

“Dr. Fauci has addressed this a number of times,” Psaki replied. “He’s conveyed that herd immunity is kind of an outdated term.”

Fauci has addressed this a number of times and given multiple different answers about the number needed. But no, herd immunity is not an “outdated term.” It’s an actual scientific term with a real meaning as opposed to pulling a number out of your butt with no real meaning — the percentage of the population immune through vaccination or infection that will protect the population in general. Now, they don’t know what that precise number is yet because it’s a novel virus. But it doesn’t mean that the term is outmoded. It means we don’t yet fully know what that particular percentage number of the population we need to reach is yet. It’s generally somewhere between 50-90% of the population, depending on the virus and how contagious it is.

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