Judge halts Mayor de Blasio’s vaccine mandate for NYPD, other public workers forced to get jab for job

Can his general mandate be far behind?

In a stunning, unexpected move, a New York judge who appears to be a Democrat temporarily halted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate for public employees in a ruling issued Tuesday.

The ruling by New York County State Supreme Court Justice Frank P. Nervo is slated to stay in effect until Dec. 14th, when an official hearing will be held so that the vaccine mandate’s opponents may have their day in court.

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State records show that Nervo served as a judge on the Civil Court of the City of New York from 2009 to 2018.

Records maintained by the watchdog group Citizens Union further show that he ran for reelection in 2018 as a Democrat:

Tuesday’s order was issued in response to a complaint filed by New York Police Department detective Anthony Marciano, who has refused COVID vaccination on the grounds that he’s “developed and retains a natural immunity to COVID, as demonstrated by recent blood testing,” according to station WABC.

“It is abundantly clear by now that the Vaccination Order is not a limited emergency health measure to prevent the spread of COVID by city employees having significant contact with the public, or by those city workers in contact with a particularly vulnerable population,” his complaint reportedly reads.

“The Vaccination Order applies with equal force to City employees having little or no contact with the public, and does not apply to non-City employees who may have extensive public contact,” it continues.

Nervo appears to believe there’s merit to this argument.

His ruling explicitly orders the mayor, his top officials and their “agents, servants, employees, attorneys, representatives, assignees … from enforcing, ‘ORDER OF THE COMMISSIONER OF HEALTH AND MENTAL HYGIENE TO REQUIRE COVID-19 VACCINATION FOR CITY EMPLOYEES AND CERTAIN CITY CONTRACTORS.’”

Judge halts Mayor de Blasio’s vaccine mandate for NYPD, other public workers forced to get jab for job (bizpacreview.com)

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