Leaked Airline Memos: Majority Of Employees With Omicron Are Vaxxed, Healthy Pilots Offered More Pay To Cover Shifts

On Monday, The Daily Wire’s “Morning Wire” podcast revealed that in wake of massive absences due to COVID-19, major airlines such as United and Spirit Airlines are reportedly offering employees more pay to help cover shifts for colleagues out of commission due to the illness. In a memo obtained by The Daily Wire, United specifically cited Omicron as having caused a “significant” increase in pilot illness, making the higher pay necessary to keep flights on track. Despite the airline industry being heavily vaccinated, the Omicron variant has caused an uptick in COVID-19 absences.

As the Morning Wire reported, more than 4,000 flights were canceled just this past weekend. While a massive storm in Chicago was partly to blame, it appears the main driver has been amongst pilots.

United Airlines’ CEO Scott Kirby had previously stated that the company had been forced to fire “just six of its 13,000-strong pilot group” who did not get the vaccine despite a company mandate.

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