“Let’s Go Brandon” Might Wake up the Woke.

The phrase “Let’s go Brandon” has swept across the United States. Ever since NBC reporter Kelli Stavast “misheard” NASCAR fans chanting “F— Joe Biden,” college students, internet memes, and millions of Americans have made it their rallying cry.

But “Let’s go Brandon” is a perfect symbol for the lies being told in this country. Case in point: Southwest Airlines. While Southwest continues to cancel thousands of flights, the talking heads tell us it’s a disruption caused by weather, glitches in their computer system, and any other excuse they can think of besides vaccine mandates.

“Let’s go Brandon” is the media and the elites telling us one thing despite everyone knowing it’s not true.

COVID-19 was definitely not created in a lab. Let’s go Brandon.
Hospitals are not short staffed because of the vaccine mandate. Let’s go Brandon.
The evacuation of Afghanistan was a success. Let’s go Brandon.
There is no crisis at our southern border. Let’s go Brandon.
Teachers’ unions care about our kids. Let’s go Brandon.
Natural immunity doesn’t have as much success as the vaccine. Let’s go Brandon
Rising prices due to inflation and supply chain issues are not a problem. Let’s go Brandon.

Despite what we are all seeing, the media want us to believe something different. Up until recently, that worked: people willfully believed what they were being told and went along with it. After the 2016 election, I thought traditional media and social media would take a step back and do some self-reflection. I thought they might ask themselves, how were we so wrong? Instead, they regrouped and devised a new plan. How can we fool the American people? How can spin narratives and report on topics even if it’s not true? But now parents know what their kids are being taught. We see the images of thousands of migrants trying to cross into Texas. And we seen the thousands of college students chanting “F— Joe Biden” at college football games across this country.

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