Liars Game — CDC withheld massive amounts of COVID data to ‘prevent vaccine hesitancy’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention refused to publish large amounts of COVID-19 data, instead choosing to keep it under wraps because of fears that the information would cause vaccine hesitancy, taking away the public’s ability to make fully informed decisions for itself.

An explosive New York Times report highlights how the CDC withheld crucial data on boosters, hospitalizations, wastewater analyses, and critical information on COVID-related infections and deaths broken down by demographics including age, race, and vaccination status — publishing only a fraction of the data it has collected.

Certain states and localities shared wastewater information with the CDC since the start of the pandemic, but it only recently released those findings – two full years after the pandemic began.

The Times reported:

Much of the withheld information could help state and local health officials better target their efforts to bring the virus under control. Detailed, timely data on hospitalizations by age and race would help health officials identify and help the populations at highest risk. Information on hospitalizations and death by age and vaccination status would have helped inform whether healthy adults needed booster shots. And wastewater surveillance across the nation would spot outbreaks and emerging variants early.

Without the booster data for 18- to 49-year-olds, the outside experts whom federal health agencies look to for advice had to rely on numbers from Israel to make their recommendations on the shots.

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