Losing Our Fertility in the Culture of Death

The culture of death has infiltrated us in a way we seldom recognize. In the guise of devotion to “health and wellness,” body dysmorphia and disordered eating convince women that their body should be manipulated, mistreated, and be made as small as possible. In an attempt to sustain itself, the body often halts its reproductive processes. Consciously or not, loathing of the body is tied to misgivings about fertility. The same forces are at work.

This is also true on a wider scale in our society. Hostility toward life-giving is the undercurrent of attempts to liberate women from their asymmetric reproductive difference. To erase oppression and inequality, many have identified the problem as a physical one, which will disappear when fertility is subject to strict controls. Decades into our near-global contraceptive regime, it’s fair to say the plan has not worked. We are becoming more unhappy, not less.
A reclamation of the body’s unqualified goodness and a full affirmation of women’s biological uniqueness is the only path to a true feminism.

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