Man Sent to Prison For Three Years After Being Mistakenly Identified as a Wanted Man

Every Time He Insisted He Wasn’t the Man They Claimed He Was, They Sent Him to a Mental Hospital to be Injected with Anti-Psychotic Drugs

This is how the servitors of The State cover up their mistakes.

A homeless man in Hawaii was arrested for a crime he did not commit and was subsequently detained for nearly three years in a mental hospital, as authorities believed the man was “delusional and psychotic.”

The man’s attorneys have said the tragic ordeal could have been avoided had police cross-referenced their suspect’s photos and fingerprints with the man they had in custody, the Associated Press reported.

All they had to do was to compare fingerprints and photos — which they had on file — to determine the man they arrested was not the man they sought.

But they didn’t bother.

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