Meanwhile in Soviet Canuckistan — Whistle Stop Cafe owner STILL in jail

The owner of the Whistle Stop Cafe remains in jail tonight after being arrested by RCMP after Alberta Health Services got a restraining order banning political protests.

Chris Scott, the renegade owner of the Whistle Stop Cafe, who reopened his diner in January in defiance of the Alberta government’s restrictions on dine-in service, was taken into custody by Bashaw RCMP after a Saturday protest in Mirror, Alberta attracted over 1,500 people.

Scott’s lawyer, Chad Williamson, though known to AHS, was excluded from the Calgary court hearing on Thursday that restrained the rights of Scott, as well as United We Roll organizer Glen Carritt and unnamed Jane and Does from attending, organizing and promoting “illegal public gatherings.”

Current restrictions limit gatherings outdoors to five people.

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