More Please — Mozilla Launches ‘Facebook Pixel Hunt’ to Analyze How Zuckerberg Tracks Us Online

Mozilla, the organization behind the popular Firefox web browser, is conducting a study to analyze Facebook’s “tracking pixels” that track user actions across the internet. The “Facebook Pixel Hunt” aims to understand how Facebook pulls data about users from millions of websites that contain its tracking pixels even when they aren’t using the social media platform.

Gizmodo reports that researchers at Mozilla have announced the launch of its “Facebook Pixel Hunt” study which aims to analyze Facebook’s internet-wide tracking network that utilizes its “Facebook Pixel” tech to follow users and determine what they do even when not using the Facebook platform.

The study focuses on Facebook Pixel tech, which is a small pixel embedded in millions of websites across the internet that allows websites to track their visitors and target ads towards them.

Mark Zuckerberg and the Masters of the Universe also collects this data, and if the individual visiting a website featuring pixel tracking also has a Facebook account, this information is added to the details that Facebook has already collected on that user.

If the user doesn’t have a Facebook account, Facebook collects the information anyway and uses it to develop a “shadow profile” of that particular user.