MSNBC Guest Claims Biden on ‘Strong Moral Ground’ Biblically by Supporting Abortion

Worrying about the “religious bind that President Biden may feel that he is in,” Sharpton asked his equally left-wing guest to explain how Biden can “navigate” this tension between his pro-choice politics and his Catholic faith.

Even Professor Hendricks admitted that Biden had contradicted his Catholic teaching. But not the Bible, apparently. He actually put forward the ridiculous argument that because the word “abortion” isn’t mentioned in Scripture, it must be okay to God. In fact, the president was on “firm ground:”

First, Catholic moral teaching teaches that abortion is a sin, and therefore is murder. But that’s their doctrinal and ideological position. Biblically, it doesn’t say anything about abortion is a sin or murder. Anyone who teaches differently is not telling the truth.

And so, even though he is contradicting the teaching of his faith, biblically, which is supposed to be the most important thing, he is on firm ground.
Not only was abortion approved by God, but it was also allowed in the Constitution, according to the radical left professor, who equated not killing babies to enslaving women. Again, he hailed Biden for being on “strong moral ground” by supporting abortion.

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