Never ending Jabs! Feds Preparing Plan for Third Covid Shot By Fall: Report

Two shots apparently won’t cut it.

Biden administration officials are working on a plan to deliver COVID-19 booster shots to Americans “as early as this fall even as researchers continue to hotly debate whether extra shots are needed,” The New York Times reported.

“The first boosters are likely to go to nursing home residents and health care workers, followed by other older people who were near the front of the line when vaccinations began late last year. Officials envision giving people the same vaccine they originally received. They have discussed starting the effort in October but have not settled on a timetable,” said the Times. “While many outside experts argue there is no proof yet that the vaccines’ protection against severe disease and hospitalization is waning in the United States, administration officials say they cannot afford to put off figuring out the logistics of providing boosters to millions of people until that tipping point is reached. The spotty nature of the nation’s disease-reporting network makes the question of timing even trickier.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci last week said “inevitably there will be a time when we’ll have to get boosts” to the COVID-19 vaccine, adding that the time is now for people with weakened immune systems.

Fauci said on NBC’s “Today” that “at this moment, other than the immune compromised, we’re not going to be giving boosters.”

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