New Video Analysis: Ashli Babbitt Chatted With Capitol Officers and Attempt to Calm Protesters Before Being Executed.

New video analysis claims that Ashli Babbitt – the U.S. veteran executed by Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd – was attempting to diffuse the situations between rioters destroying the doors leading to the Speaker’s Lobby at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6th and the police guarding them. Babbitt even went so far as to step between one of the men around her and the police, before being executed on government property.

The claims run contrary to the corporate media narrative of Babbitt and the events of January 6th, including recent smears against her character on the one year anniversary of the FBI-linked riot.

News outlets have consistently portrayed Babbitt as a violent “insurrectionist” who was trying to break through the door. Instead, we’re told that after a long time being trapped in a small area with increasingly violent conflict around her, she sought an exit through the window.

The video, which can be viewed in full here, does show Babbitt shouting, “It’s our house, we’re allowed to be here,” at officers, but also appearing to try to stop others from breaking through the doors. In the video, she visible winces as Alam leaned to break the window with his right hand.

Babbitt’s husband Aaron said his wife was shouting “Stop! No! Don’t! Wait!” Babbitt’s expression in the video is one of shock.

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