Not so fast. The Very Misleading Article By a Priest on Drugs And Abortion Testing

An Important Rebuttal

This article by progressive Patheos Legionaries of Christ priest blogger Fr. Matthew Schneider LC was deliberately intended to confuse or mock conservative/orthodox pro life individuals like Bishop Schneider, Fr. Ripperger and others who opposed Covid vaccines based on their development with or use of fetal stem cells in their testing.

The author simply searched an over the counter or prescription medication name plus “Hek 293” cells and if they came up positively associated in medical or scientific literature, he claimed they too were “ethically tainted” and all us pro lifers had to abandon the use of those drugs too, if we were going to oppose fetal stem cell tainted Covid vaccines on those grounds.

However, when he researched these medications, he failed to distinguish those that were tested on, developed with and/or manufactured with fetal cells before or during their initial introduction, from those that, for academic reasons, years later were tested on fetal stem cell lines.

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