NYC is Turning Covid Treatments Into a Racial Hunger Games

New York City is turning health care into a veritable “Hunger Games” as the race of its citizens is becoming a major consideration in the distribution of life-saving coronavirus drugs.

In this iteration of the sadistic experiment, the NYC “game-makers” are working to manipulate the arena to advantage racial minorities and disadvantage others. They call it “equity” to cover up its real name: racial discrimination. Of course, it’s also a gross violation of medical ethics.

New York City will “[c]onsider race and ethnicity when assessing individual risk,” the city’s Department of Health has ordered, “as longstanding systemic health and social inequities may contribute to an increased risk of getting sick and dying from COVID-19.”

This guidance applies to the distribution of oral antivirals, such as Paxlovid and Molnupiravir, as well as monoclonal antibody treatments. The latter had prevented more than a thousand hospitalizations and more than 500 deaths as of October, according to the city.

The consequences are already beginning to manifest. A doctor in Staten Island told The New York Post he filled two prescriptions for an oral antiviral this week, but before the treatment was authorized, the pharmacist asked him to disclose the race of his patients.

“In my 30 years of being a physician I have never been asked that question when I have prescribed any treatment,” the doctor said. “The mere fact of having to ask this question is a slippery slope.”

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