NYC judge blocks unvaxx’d father from visiting daughter in custody dispute. Cites muddled notions of ‘Individual Liberty’

Cites Conspiracy Theories and muddled notions of ‘Individual Liberty’

A New York City judge, Mathew Cooper, has just handed down an order in an ongoing custody battle blocking visits between a Long Island man and his three-year-old daughter because he is unvaccinated.

The order specifically states that the father, in order to see his daughter, must either be fully vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID-19 testing. He must also get an antigen test within 24 hours of his every other weekend visits with his child….

Judge says:

He continued in his comments: “The dangers of voluntarily remaining unvaccinated during access with a child while the COVID-19 virus remains a threat to children’s health and safety cannot be understated.”

“Unfortunately, and to my mind, incomprehensibly, a sizable minority, seizing upon misinformation, conspiracy theories, and muddled notions of ‘individual liberty,’ have refused all entreaties to be vaccinated,” Cooper concluded.

Cooper is also the presiding judge in their custody battle and the couple’s divorce. He famously has presided over many high-profile divorces of the rich and famous.


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